Artist Tonsenia Yonn

Gallery725 is proud to feature the works of Artist Tonsenia Yonn

“Oceans of Dharma”

July 21st – September 10th 2011

Artist Tonsenia Yonn

Tonsenia Yonn is a self-taught, mixed media artist whose love of her natural surroundings, organic textures and the unexpected combine to create an innovative and unique style.  Born and raised in rural Georgia, she began painting at the age of 15 and credits much of this early exposure to the environment as a source of inspiration.  She originally began creating artwork for a variety of interior design projects and used this background to launch her first show after moving to Charleston, S.C. in 2003.

Since that first successful show, Tonsenia has committed to her passion for making art and continues to evolve and experiment as an artist.  She likes taking an original form and presenting it in an unusual, distorted and often abstract way.  She moved to Neptune Beach, FL in 2006, where the natural beach setting continues to influence her work, as do her prior travels and love of using recycled materials. Earlier this year at “Arts in the Park” (Atlantic Beach’s largest Art Festival), Tonsenia was recognized with an “Award of Excellence” for her installation-esque presentation of her work.

Tonsenia’s newest show “Oceans of Dharma” showcases her ability to interpret her local surroundings, using paint, found objects and collage on many different substrates, featuring tributes to the natural world while incorporating unexpected nuances. Tonsenia’s creativity has always involved dharma, which is about accepting our imperfections, developing confidence, helping others and appreciating our basic goodness in everyday life. Dharma, also referred to as Natural Law, simply alludes to a natural order of things within our lives, you will find in her work a natural order exists however the resulting artistic expression may be as unpredictable as the forms she likes to create.

Winter Wren



Lisa Cederberg at Gallery725 April 14 – May 13 2011

Showcasing Watercolor Artist Lisa Cederberg

April 14 – May 13 2011

Artist Reception April 21 2011





Lisa Cederberg was born in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and has lived in California, Virginia, Oregon, Stockholm, Sweden and currently lives in Neptune Beach, Florida.

Lisa has traveled to many places throughout the world in search of inspiration, including much of the USA, Italy, France, Croatia, Scotland, England, France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the Dominican Republic, and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Lisa has had many exhibitions in Portland, Oregon, Charlotte, North Carolina, Stockholm, Sweden and Jacksonville Beaches area and has received awards for her figurative and rustic paintings.  Lisa’s fine art prints have been sold at many locations across the USA.

Lisa has been painting for thirty years, is primarily self-taught and has developed her own unique style of expression.  Her favorite influences are Andrew Wyeth, Winslow Homer, Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Lisa paints primarily in watercolor and pastel.  Her style is representational, with subject matters ranging from children, tribal people groups, landscapes and rustic themes. Lisa’s desire is to use her talent to reflect God’s creation in her paintings.


“I want to capture the joy, innocence and beauty in common and often overlooked things,

expressing significant moments and giving the viewer a place of rest to step into.

I paint people with much the same intent. I love children as a source of inspiration.

Their expressions possess playful curiosity.”






“Patent Leather Shoes” Book Signing

Book signing and Children’s Book Illustration

Exhibit at Gallery725

Local author and artist, Kim Fabio, hosted a book signing at Gallery725  Thursday March 17th, 2011. Along with her book, Patent Leather Shoes, a children’s story about testing boundaries and gaining self confidence, Fabio will also be showcasing her original illustrations for the book thru April 12th,2011.



Kim Fabio


March 17 Book Signing