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Gallery725 presents “In This Moment” with Elena Øhlander


Gallery725 is delighted to host artist Elena Øhlander with her newest collection never before shown in Jacksonville.

Please join us for a Champagne Reception Saturday December 11th, 2021 6-9pm to celebrate the unifying connections within us all.

In her newest exploration, Elena delves into the affiliation of culture and identity as an analysis of her heritage.

“I think it’s important to talk about compassion and human existence. It’s important for us to come together, to be mindful, and to genuinely care about others.”

Focusing on the subtleties of the human condition, Elena conceptually explores individuality and gender issues through creative visual narrative.

Using a contrived scenario, characterization of her own likeness, intentional use if semiotics and the psychology of color to build her vernacular.

Elena hopes to elevate, empower, and encourage both the viewer and her colleagues with her creations.

From collaboration murals to solo exhibitions, her work bridges the fine art and illustration gap and exudes a unique aspect with a clear and defined style. Her focus explores identity, gender issues, space, individuality, and pop culture within a Japanese context.

“The protagonist in my work takes viewers on a journey into my imagination through gesture, expression, and environment to reveal the many facets of my inner life.”

This collection contains illustrations on paper, mixed media in all shapes and sizes and examines subjects from The Game of Life to Pop Culture Icons within both her Asian Heritage and Norwegian Culture.

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Shayna Winghart
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