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Opening Reception @ Gallery 725

July 18thth, 2014


Featuring artists Matthew Winghart, Ken Daga, Tonsenia Yonn and Flew.

Each artist has been asked to create pieces highlighting their newest techniques and subjects.

Matthew Winghart will show “Wall Candy”, which was a featured solo exhibit at Wyn 317, Miami Florida. Don’t miss these fun and light hearted works.

A word from Matthew:

I love all things outrageous.

The smile of nostalgia on the face of the viewer is the moment that defines my work.

Ultimately, I want to enrich the lives of my collectors by reminding them of the simple joys in life, not to take things too seriously, there is fun to be had… everyday.


Artist Matthew Winghart


Ken Daga will highlight new works from the series “Orchids”.

A word from Ken:

“Solitude fuels the emotion which drives me to create. Exploring the idea of identity, individuality

and uniqueness, I extract natural elements from their expected environment to allow complete focus on the subject through isolation.”

Ken Daga from the "Orchids" Series

Ken Daga from the “Orchids” Series

Tonsenia Yonn

Heart, Head and Hands is Tonsenia’s the newest series of work.

A word from Tonsenia:

“Mankind seems to be in a constant struggle between their thoughts, their feelings and their identity. I am artistically exploring and interpreting the scientific relationship between the heart, head and hands to help us understand the correlation between the three.”


Artist Frank Lewis (Flew) will show new works in ink.

A word from Flew:

“I love the discipline of a limited color palette. Working mostly in grey scale I attempt to pay tribute to the mysterious and sensual nature of the female figure.”