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Update from Chad Smith

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Artist Appearances have been POSTPONED

Stay tuned for new dates.

Like a painter using brushes with oils, Chad is utilizing drumsticks that light in a variety of ways to create the visuals you see in the canvases.  

He’s then taking each rhythm once its placed onto canvas and augmenting them by hand with paint.


Chad Smith is one of the pioneers in a new medium of artwork…we call it rhythmic expressionism or “rhythm-on-canvas”

This artwork is created through an extensive process, but begins with Chad Smith playing in a studio, in the dark.

As he performs with these lit drumsticks he is crafting visuals intended for fine artwork.

To capture small increments of rhythm into one frame, he is utilizing open shutter photography.  This allows for small increments of time to be showcased in one frame.

After these rhythms are captured on film, they are taken into a computer, where the color channels are isolated and manipulated, to bring out the visually abstract nature of the rhythms.

They are then printed onto canvas or acrylic or metal.  Smith then goes into a second phase of augmenting the works by hand.